What are my skills overall

Research Conduct

For me conducting research in marketing means assisting your business planning. It involves gathering data that offers insight, monitoring trends, observing clients, and keeping an eye on what your competitors are doing.

Content Coordination

Regarding content coordination, my general responsibility is to assist content writers in creating customized material. It can involve e-mails, events, or any website and making up planning, and publishing relevant content based on the company’s business objectives and users’ needs.

Data Analysis

As a marketer, I would say that knowledge of analytics means marketing is in safe hands. By tracking data, businesses can understand what worked in the past and what allows them to improve their strategies and campaigns for their digital marketing approach.

Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking helps me to identify opportunities for change and take advantage of them. The capacity to prepare strategies and conjure ideas that will both cope with changing environments and consider the various challenges that lie ahead. In simple, the capacity for strategic thinking is the capacity for future planning.

Google Ads, Meta Business Manager, LinkedIn Business Manager, ManyChat

You can reach a global audience through digital marketing strategies, including Google Ads, Meta Business Manager, and LinkedIn Business Manager. These strategies are affordable, scalable, and measurable. The capacity to communicate with prospects and precisely discover what they are looking for, or get to know your consumers better, is one of the main advantages of digital marketing.

Why Digital Marketing is important

According to the statistics and data, being digital was “recommended” 20 years ago, but it is now “required” to be in the digital area.

You can find customers who could use your product by using digital marketing tools to reach your audience or increase your exposure.

Some of the benefits of digital marketing are that they are inexpensive, scalable, and cost-effective.

People are interested in learning more about your company when they hear about it.

People are more likely to stop doing business with you if they cannot find any information about you online.