Delivery/carryout chain offering a wide range of pizzas & a variety of other dishes & sides.


Social media marketing, PCC advertising, and Targeting

In Pizzaman, I am responsible for developing and implementing the digital marketing strategy for the pizza business.To keep our consumers involved and informed about our latest services and discounts, we manage social media platforms, optimize the restaurant’s website, and coordinate PPC marketing campaigns.


International Academy of Business

Professional Development and Growth Academy


Social media marketing, PR, and Targeting

IAB Academy is a training and consulting organization that offers courses and services related to accounting, finance, and business development.

In my current position at IAB Academy, I am responsible for a wide range of tasks. These responsibilities involve creating high-quality material for our training courses and coordinating our complete marketing campaigns across multiple social media channels. I am also heavily involved in developing methods to increase the IAB brand’s national awareness and recognition.


Qara Mobile App

Telecommunication Company


Marketing strategy, Content creation, US targeting, Email coordination, and Website strategy

I’ve been involved with Qara, a VoIP app for iOS, right from the planning stages. I actively contributed to its branding, which included naming, creating the logo, and defining its voice. Alongside our CEO, I played a pivotal role in building and managing its social networks, as well as devising marketing strategies. Besides handling social media, I’m responsible for content creation for email marketing campaigns. Our primary goals include sending out special offers and discounts and keeping our users informed about the latest features of Qara.



Telecommunication Company


Marketing Strategy, Website content coordination, and Social media marketing

Since 2014, the Southern California-based ClearTalks team has been offering crystal-clear phone service to all types of companies in Los Angeles. Every single customer receives exceptional service from ClearTalks, which makes them proud.

I sought to improve their Instagram feed by emphasizing content that would boost engagement and fine-tuning their messaging to create a deeper connection with their following. I shared informative and entertaining posts with followers on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Afterward, I delved into researching the most effective content curation for VoIP audiences. Additionally, I collaborated with a designer to create visual graphics and website landing pages. Simultaneously, I conducted comprehensive competitor reviews to assess their activities and strategies.

Optimize Practice Services

Business Consulting and Services


Social media marketing, Content creation, Coordination, and Targeting

Optimize Practice Services” is a different kind of dental support.

Their area of expertise is to create a solid foundation that allows dentists to transition easily from the dental chair to investor in their practice and beyond. It is a B2B organization where they are looking for new investors, and the finest option to find them is to be aware of the OPS through social platforms.

I began by crafting content for social networks, offering visual ideas to the designer I collaborated with, and concentrating on prospective clients. The branding for CEO Jack Bayramyan was a significant aspect I worked on, as it was imperative to align with their core principles.






Singer Arpi founded Makhmur. Established in 2021, the brand gained immense interest. Makhmur handmade bags of Armenian production stand out with their unique design patterns and color combinations, designed to complete everyday and unique outfits.

Makhmur’s goal was to establish itself as a renowned brand in Armenia, offering affordable handbags. It eventually achieved this objective.

My duty has always been to seek out potential users who could serve as excellent leads for targeting. I aided Makhmur in navigating their transition and, in the process, overhauled their audience targeting strategy. This involved using various tools like Facebook Ads Manager and Facebook Pixel for the website, allowing us to target and retarget effectively.


AID Token

Finances without Intermediaries


Social media marketing, Listing collaboration, and Content coordination

AID Token is a revolutionary decentralized finance (DeFi) solution built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

My responsibilities involved crafting content for diverse social networks, actively engaging with potential B2B collaboration prospects within our customer base, and strategically focusing our efforts on specific countries to attract potential customers interested in the AID Token exchange.


Mariam Melik-Bakhshyan

Stylist | Fashion Influencer


Personal branding, Targeting

Mariam Melik-Bakhshyan is one of the finest stylists in Armenia, with her unique and creative fashion ideas.

Time by time, she releases lookbooks where she presents basic and trendy clothes.

My cooperation with her is that I target those who are interested in her lookbooks so that the flow increases.


Alex YVN

Armenian Clothing Shop


Content creation, Coordination, and Targeting.

ALEX YVN is one of the finest clothing shops in the region. The company, which was established in 2018, worked hard to capture the local market and attracted great interest from overseas markets. The main goals of the company are to promote high-quality Armenian goods to foreign markets and rid the Armenian market of cheap and low-quality goods through the development of local production.

When I started working at Alex Stores, our marketing team thought it was time to build an online presence. To begin with, we divided the audience into segments and informed nearly half of Armenia’s youth. We also focused on some areas near Alex’s stores for our customers to get there. Additionally, I worked closely with a content specialist to represent the brand’s voice in the different digital assets. I developed customer service processes through ManyChat and collaborated with our graphic designer to create sales banners, holiday banners, and visuals for Instagram and Facebook feeds. Eventually, in one year, our statistics revealed that we had a 10,000 new audience of people ages 22 to 45, 95% of whom were women.



Alternative Creative Network

Affiliate Marketing Agency (Defunct)


Target: Russia, France, Germany, and Sweden.

ACN was a company that specialized in delivering internet-based media advertisements.

During my tenure with ACN, I marketed products, services, and CPA offers from various affiliate networks and direct advertisers.

Push-up notifications were a key tool in promoting the company’s proprietary advertising platform, known as megapu.sh.